Do you love funny compilations? We prepared a hilarious compilation about kitchen fails. Watch this video and you will find moments that you can relate to. Share your fails with us! A lot of troubles could in the kitchen like when you are too lazy to find a colander to strain pasta and you accidentally pour your pasta down the kitchen sink. And now you don’t have dinner. Fail! One more disaster is when you use mixer without splash guard. Unfortunately, now you need to spend a lot of time cleaning your kitchen as splashed cake batter around your kitchen, your hair, and t-shirt. Panic! I love to cook cookies, but they always lose shape! And animals start looking like real monsters. Nevertheless, they are very tasty. Do you love pizza? Everyone who loves pizza at least once faced a problem is when you want to enjoy pizza and try to bite it but the topping slides out of it. Ugh! Another fail is when you cook spinach it significantly reduces its size on its own when cooking.
Another collection of scenes is dedicated to our food love. If you love sweets and cakes, you don’t like to share your favorite cake with anyone. Just cut a small piece for your friend and eat the rest by yourself. Always leave a note if you borrow a chocolate bar from your friend or colleague without asking. Leave this note: “Sorry! Hunger made me do it!’’. It will be a very funny excuse! 😊 Do you have a friend who eats everywhere every time? Or maybe you are a person who adores food. Almost everyone hates to share food especially when you can order anything you like in a restaurant. Girls, do you eat your boyfriend’s food?

00:09 Kitchen fails
01:38 Pasta failure
03:44 Funny food scenes
04:09 Sharing is caring?

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