WHAT I ATE // Healthy Burrito Recipe + vegan grocery haul | BEND, OREGON

WHAT I ATE // Healthy Burrito Recipe + vegan grocery haul | BEND, OREGON

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Burrito Recipe:

– 1-2 sweet potatoes diced
– 1-2 bell peppers (and any diced veg like mushrooms, zucchini, onion etc.)
– 1/2 can tomato paste
– Veggie broth
– 2 tsp cumin
– 1 tsp garlic
– 1 tsp chili
– 3 tbsp nutritional yeast (or more)
– Himalyan Salt if you need it – we ended up not needing it.
– Feel free to add rice or another grain to the mix! But we just kept it simple 🙂

1. Dice all veg/sweet potato.
2. In a large pot or pan Рsaut̩ sweet potato in veg broth until it is almost cooked (about 8-10 minutes depending on how big or small you cut them.)
3. Add in more vegetable broth as needed.
4. Add in other veg and continue to cook for a few minutes.
5. Add in all other ingredients and mix well! Add more paste to make it thicker / add more veg broth to make it thinner. Cook for a few minute.
6. Cover and simmer until everything is cooked through!
7. Serve with a wholesome wrap – we go for organic minimal ingredient wraps or corn tortillas etc.
8. Serve with guacamole, refried beans, salsa, hot sauce, lettuce or kale, vegan cheese sauce, vegan sour cream etc!

Sunshine Drink Recipe:

BASE RECIPE (yummy on its own!):
– 2-6 tbsp AGAVE (or something like cane sugar or whatever – but it will need to mix well – – adjust for your sweetness / the sweetness of the fruit you use.)
– 2 cups orange juice (fresh or organic etc)
– 1/2 cup lemon juice (we use a big bottle from Whole Foods – organic!)
– About 30-40 Oz water
– Ice to chill it!
– Add in blended: pineapple, strawberry, watermelon etc for a PUNCH!! (Strain this or add in whole for a thick / pulpy drink!)
NOTE: Play around with measurements to your liking! (Sweetness – strength – lemon to orange etc.)

My camera gear: Canon 80D + sigma 18-35 mm Lens and in this vlog I used my small Canon g7x (wonderful camera for beginner vlogging/minimal vlogging!)

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