We SOLD EVERYTHING to Homestead and Eat Healthier Food

We SOLD EVERYTHING to Homestead and Eat Healthier Food

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I have teamed up with Justin Rhodes and will be teaching a FARM FITNESS class in his DIY Abundance Membership area.
CLICK HERE to sign up! https://members.abundantpermaculture.com/TheFitFarmer/1

DIY Abundance members have access too over 200 videos (and always adding more) on every aspect of homesteading.

Are you ready to start your homesteading journey?
~Justin Rhodes teaches how to grow most of your own food.

~Rebekah Rhodes teaches about wellness.

~Learn how to quit the rat race and set up a new homestead
from Meg and Ben Hollar.

~Learn how to grow in colder climates with Al Lumnah.

~Casey + Tori Ostwinch Teach Market Gardening

~Jason Contreras Teaches Building for the Farm from garden
carts to wash stations.

Sign up NOW and save 15% before prices go up! Prices increase at the end of the day Sunday.

You will also have access to a Facebook Group where all the DIY Abundance member can share and learn from the teachers and one another.

Become a member here:

Bootstrap Farmer has a huge selection of seed trays, hoop bender, greenhouse plastic, and more!! http://bit.ly/bootstrapfarmer

Forward Farm Tech
Mini Kelvin Cultivator
Quick Flip Broadfork

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