MSC Cruises Food from Main Dining Room Dinner on Divina 65+ Items (4K)

MSC Cruises Food from Main Dining Room Dinner on Divina 65+ Items (4K)

We got an idea of what food on MSC cruises are like when we were on the MSC Divina in December 2017. We had mixed feelings on these dinner entrees we ordered in the main dining room (MDR). Many were tasty, but all were a bit sloppy in presentation as you can see. Some dishes were perplexing (Tortilla Wrap that was supposed to be a “Fried Vegetable Wrap” and Tofu Pad Thai that tasted nothing like it), and some were just unpleasant (New England Clam Chowder, Key Lime Pie, Duck a l’Orange). There were some dishes that stood out as quite good- these included:

* Chicken Parmigiana
* Fregola Sarda (Sardinian-style Pasta with Clams & Cherry Tomatoes)
* Grilled New York Cut Sirloin Steak in Green Peppercorn Cognac Sauce
* Wild Berry Studded French Vanilla Cream in Caramel Sauce
* Seafood Fritto Misto
* Spagetti alla Carbonara
* Baked Alaska
* Red Wine & Shiitake Braised Beef Short Ribs

Unfortunately there was no “free” lobster, even on formal night. You could order surf and turf, but that would cost $23.95 for a 5 oz filet mignon & lobster tail. There was also a dearth of shrimp in general- we didn’t even see one shrimp cocktail the entire cruise at the main dining room.

The MDR service was pretty good, however, so a big thank you to the staff there.

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