Jane Fonda: Breakfast- Primetime Health

Jane Fonda: Breakfast- Primetime Health

Jane Fonda: Breakfast- Primetime Health is an exclusive nutritional tip on how to use a proper daily breakfast as a tool to jump start your morning metabolism, maximize weight loss, and promote better health. Hollywood Icon and Fitness Guru, Jane Fonda gives you an inside look at why she swears by breakfast and believes it to be the most important meal of the day. Learn how skipping breakfast could actually be sabotaging your fat loss potential. Try this effective advice from Jane as she explains how and where you can cut calories, and provides two healthy and delicious breakfast options that are easy to prepare and packed with nutrients. Look and feel your best and increase performance with this unique diet tip. Click Here for more “Prime Time Health Tips” with Jane Fonda: http://bit.ly/KSlS8n Be sure to tune in to BeFit every Tuesday for all new episodes!

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