Healthy Food Swaps with Marsha Fenwick

Healthy Food Swaps with Marsha Fenwick

Holistic Nutritionist Marsha Fenwick ( is back at The Healthy Butcher this week to discuss Healthy Food Swaps.

Marsha’s Top 3 Food Swaps:

1. Swap bread with chard or collard greens by using the big green leaves as wraps. Or use clean ingredient wraps like the Live Turmeric Wrap by Live Organics ( or Wrap It Up Raw (

2. Swap white pasta with vegetable or legume based pastas.
For example, Explore Cuisine: or Maria’s Homestyle Noodles:

3. To add more flavor to your dishes, swap bottled sauces high in sodium and sugar with fermented foods like:
Kimchi by Green Table Foods:
Sauerkraut by Mighty Fine Brines:
or pickles by Marty’s Pickles:

Don’t be afraid to add salt, but be sure to use salt high in minerals like Himalayan or Celtic Sea Salt:

And a dab of Harissa by El Tounsi will kick it up a notch:

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