Healthy Cheap Lunch at Work

Healthy Cheap Lunch at Work

No need to use work as an excuse to eat junk or spend lots of money! Here’s an easy vegan veggie wrap you can easily make at work or at home to take with you!

Whole Grain Wraps OR Lettuce Leaves
1/2 Avocado – or less or more whatever you want
1/3 Cucumber – or less or more whatever you want!

Balsamic Vinegar – keep a bottle of the stuff in the fridge at work
Sea Salt
Cayanne Pepper
Spinach leaves, radishes, sprouts, carrots, romaine, broccoli GO CRAZY! 🙂

I chopped up my cucumbers at home in the beginning of the week and keep them in the fridge at work. Great as snacks or to fill these wraps!

Cucumbers and Avocados are so good for your skin and insides! More beneficial without the wheat wrap FYI!


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