Easy Healthy recipes | Vegan Thai-ish curry

Easy Healthy recipes  | Vegan Thai-ish curry

*DISCLAIMER* I am NOT vegan, but I enjoy eating vegan and vegetarian dishes as well. Variety is the spice of good food and a healthy diet is a balanced diet.

I called it a ‘Thai-ish’ curry because it’s not authentically Thai but mixed with different ingredients from Asia.

Vegan Thai-ish Curry

-For this you will need:
-Broccoli 1 piece
-Mushrooms small box
-Paprika any colour 1 piece
-2-3 cloves of garlic
-Ginger about 3on3 cm
-Coconut milk 250ml
-Tofu 250 grams
-Curry powder

You can change this recipe and add other veggies or chicken/fish. I live in Japan so I understand some of these ingredients might be hard to find for you or will look different. Just try a few different veggies to your liking. It’s easy to make and super healthy.

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