Best Health Drinks for Kids in India: Complete List with Features, Price Range & Details – 2019

Best Health Drinks for Kids in India: Complete List with Features, Price Range & Details – 2019

List of 8 Best Health Drinks for Kids in India With Price
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Here we bought the list of best Health Drinks for Kids in India!!!

1. Cadbury Bournvita Little Champs Drink

– Contains Nutri-smart DHA (DHA, Iodine, Choline, Zinc)
– Contains other essential vitamins and minerals
– Provides nutrition to toddlers

2. Protinex Grow – 400 g (Chocolate)

– 100 percent vegetarian source of protein
– Protinex Grow contains 50% more protein than leading health drinks
– Nutrient requirements increase during adolescence to support rapid growth
– Vitamin D: To facilitate absorption of calcium in bones

3. PediaSure Health & Nutrition Drink

– 37 Vital Nutrients Including Carbohydrate, Protein, Fat, Vitamins, Minerals
– Contains Prebiotics & Probiotics, Zinc, Selenium, Copper
– Linoleic Acid, Alpha Linolenic Acid, Vitamin B12
– Supports brain development

4. Nestlé NANGROW Nutritious Milk Drink

– For growing children aged 2 to 5 years
– Contains Vitamin D and Calcium to help support normal development of bones
– Contains Iron and Iodine which contribute to cognitive development
– Contains munonutrients to help support normal mune system function
– High-quality whey protein helps support easy digestion

5. Junior Horlicks Stage 1 (2-3 years) Health & Nutrition drink

– Specialized nutrition food for fussy toddlers (2 to 4 years age group).
– Junior Horlicks is a nutritional food powder
– With nutrients important for weight gain
– With DHA & Choline to support optimal brain development

6. Herbalife Dinoshake Children’s Nutritional Drink

– Provides essential vitamins and minerals
– Enhances the growth of children
– Gives strength to the kids

7. Protinex Junior – 400 g (Chocolate)

– Superior combination of WHEY + SOY + MILK Protein
– With DHA + Iron + Iodine – for brain development
– Contains 37 vital nutrients
– 100 percent vegetarian source

8. Cipla Immuno Boosters 7+ Years Drink

– Unique product, helps build immunity in kids
– Tasty choco-bite format, no need to mix in milk or water
– Up to 100 percent RDA of key immunity nutrients

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